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Manchester United Vs Liverpool Tickets - Premiership Football

Date : Saturday, September 12, 2015 (17:30)
Venue : Old Trafford
Location : Manchester, United Kingdom
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Section / Row   Ticket
W208 Fam Stand
1 Adult 1 Under 16s
 2£42£120 Buy Tickets
North Stand T1
Block N1403
2£50£170 Buy Tickets
Great Seats
 2£50£200 Buy Tickets
1£40£220 Buy Tickets
Sth 227 Upper
26 Great Seats
 4£50£225 Buy Tickets
1405 North Lower
Front Seats, 2 3,
 4£45£225 Buy Tickets
Amazing View
 6£45£230 Buy Tickets
12 Great Seats
 2£48£230 Buy Tickets
Mufc - East Lower
Block E237 - Superb!
3£50£239 Buy Tickets
East Stand Tier 2
Mufc - E334 / Row 4
2£50£239 Buy Tickets
Saf Stand
2£45£240 Buy Tickets
N1410 Longside
5 Row From Pitch
 4£45£240 Buy Tickets
Away End
Liverpool Fans
4£50£245 Buy Tickets
Cat 2
Behind Goal
4£45£245 Buy Tickets
1406 Half Way Line
5 Row From Pitch
 4£45£245 Buy Tickets
N1405 / Cat 1
10 Rows Fm Pitch
2£50£250 Buy Tickets
Front Seats
 2£45£250 Buy Tickets
1408 Sir Alex Stand
 3£45£250 Buy Tickets
Cat 1
4£50£275 Buy Tickets
Cat 1
Lower Tier
 8£60£295 Buy Tickets
Cat 1
North Stand
 8£60£295 Buy Tickets
Cat 1
South Stand
 8£60£295 Buy Tickets
Away Section
Away Section
 4£60£300 Buy Tickets
Official Lfc End
Liverpool Sector
10£60£300 Buy Tickets
South Lower
Premium Seats
8£90£300 Buy Tickets
N1409 Long Lower
Row Dd
4£48£325 Buy Tickets
N1410 Longside Lower
Row Cc
2£45£325 Buy Tickets
Sth126 Long Lower
Row Bb
2£48£325 Buy Tickets
N2407 Padded Seats
Manchester Suite
6£200£350 Buy Tickets
Manchester Suite
2407 Halfwayline
2£200£375 Buy Tickets
Stretford End Vip
Executive Box Seats
 8£500£749 Buy Tickets

Old Trafford : Seating Plan

Old Trafford
Sir Matt Busby Way,
Manchester, United Kingdom
M16 0RA
Home ground of Manchester United FC.

More About Manchester United Vs Liverpool (Premiership Football)

The Game We Look For

Liverpool FC against Manchester United FC is arguably one of the biggest fixtures in not just the English game but world football. For many years, since the beautiful game was introduced, these two giants have created a domination of honours on both the domestic and European stages respectively: Liverpool ruling in the 70's and 80's and Manchester doing likewise in the 90s - during the inception of the Premier League - and more recently throughout the naughties. But what is it about this particular fixture that makes for such a heated rivalry amongst both fans and players?

The Fans

Certain rivalries between two sets of supporters in football is often attributed to a close locality to one another (AC Milan v Inter Milan) or a difference in religious beliefs (Celtic v Rangers), so why do Liverpool and Manchester - who are approximately 40 miles apart - carry with them the tag of 'greatest rivalry in English football'? Many say the friction between the two clubs goes beyond the pitch, away from football, back to the industrial times. Competition for productive prowess in the North West during the late 1800s was stronger than ever and, up until the construction of the Manchester Ship Canal, Liverpool had the upper hand over Manchester with merchants at their port taking on most of the import business. But the introduction of the canal was a significant point in the history of the two cities as it would see the port of Liverpool being bypassed by traders in favour of moving further inland. This did not sit well with the people of Liverpool, especially the dock workers who would go on to lose their jobs. Over the years though, as the generations have come and gone, the tale of controversy over the canal has been somewhat diluted as fans' reasons for conflict but remains in a historic vault of excuses to hate. Certain supporters (And I use this term very lightly) have even gone to the extremes of using the disasters of Hillsborough and Munich as their verbal tool of attack against the opposing fans on the terraces.

The Mighty Reds

Chelsea Arsenal Football TicketwLiverpool are one of the leading lights when it comes to world football and they're almost always remembered for their exploits in European cup competitions down the years, notably the epic, seemingly impossible 2005 comeback against AC Milan in Istanbul. Go anywhere in the world and you could probably see a red top adorned with 'Crown Paints' or maybe that dubious grey 'Candy' number worn in the famous FA Cup semi with Crystal Palace in 1990.

Man Utd are undoubtedly the kings of domestic football in modern times. Their domination of top spot in the Premier League from 1993 to 2013 is at the very top of their CV, and in total from 1986 to 2013 they have gained an amazing 28 honours. Off the pitch they are the second highest-earning football club in the world and highest-earning brand. 

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